Watch this quick video to instantly improve your doubles game!
Watch this quick video to instantly improve your doubles game!


The Doubles Movement Mastery Course
  • How to easily adjust your “launch positions” to favor your strengths and protect your weaknesses
  • How to fix the 4 detrimental movement mistakes that are costing you matches
  • ​The simple positioning adjustment to finally cover the lob
  • ​How to transition to the net like the pros so you can close out more points
  • ​How to be more comfortable volleying from anywhere on the court
  • ​The simple secret to poaching using something we call the “sneaky poach”
  • ​How to play with any doubles partner so you can have more fun on the court
  • ​How to defend the overhead so you don’t give up on points too early
When it comes to doubles there’s a decent chance you’re ignoring the biggest factor that could transform your game literally overnight. The reason most doubles players are stuck is simple. They focus WAY too much on technique.
When you look at the best doubles players in the world, the #1 reason for their success isn’t their technique… it’s their MOVEMENT.
Our Doubles Movement Mastery Course will take you from the doubles player you are right now, to a player that moves effortlessly and efficiently on the doubles court. Imagine not only understanding how to move on the doubles court, but for the first time ever, doing it on autopilot.

The Doubles Movement Mastery System is directly responsible for dozens of club championships, Division 1 college doubles victories, and multiple USTA national titles at the 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 skill levels.
Scott and Nate are both former Division I College Tennis Players, USPTA Elite Certified Teaching Professionals and this exact curriculum is directly responsible for dozens of club championships, Division 1 college doubles victories, and multiple USTA national titles at the 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 skill levels.
Here’s what you can expect to learn in the Doubles Movement Mastery Course…

The 4 Launching Positions
The 4 Launching Positions
Most players don’t realize that their starting positions aren’t “one-size-fits-all.” Your positioning to start each point needs to be tailored to your specific game. We each have different strengths and weaknesses and we shouldn’t all be standing in the same place to start the point. We will custom-fit your 4 starting positions to favor your strengths and protect your weaknesses.
4 Detrimental Movement Mistakes
4 Detrimental Movement Mistakes
Most players don’t know how to move when their partner is hitting the ball and there are 4 HUGE mistakes that leave open court exposed. If you ever feel like you’re leaving massive holes in the court for your opponents to hit through it’s probably because you’re making at least one of these four mistakes. At the 3.0 and 3.5 skill levels most doubles points end because one of these mistakes is made.
New Partner? No Problem.
New Partner? No Problem.
These same costly errors mentioned above are also responsible for that feeling of uneasiness or lack of chemistry that you feel when playing with certain types of partners. Once you understand how to move, no matter where your partner hits the ball, you will find you are much more comfortable playing with a broader range of player types. Imagine always having instant chemistry with any doubles partner regardless of their playing style.
The Simple Secret To Poaching
The Simple Secret To Poaching
Do you watch poachable balls whiz past you at the net? Once you’re comfortable at the net and understand where to move when your partner hits the ball, you will finally be in the right position and aggressive mindset to start poaching successfully. Now that you’re in position to poach, we’ll show you some higher level poaching secrets including the “sneaky poach” that will help you cross more definitively and win more points at the net.
The 4 "Come-To-Net" Cues
The 4 "Come-To-Net" Cues
Are you terrified of coming to the net? To transition to the net like the pros there are 4 cues you need to look out for that a lot of recreational players miss. These cues and one simple footwork pattern will allow you to sneak to the net and make volleying a whole lot easier no matter where you are in the court. All your fears of low volleys, no man’s land, and defending the lob will vanish and it will become obvious when you need to move forward versus stay back.
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Meet Your Coaches
Scott Baxter
Scott is a USPTA Elite Certified Tennis Professional from Virginia Beach, VA. Growing up Scott achieved a top 100 junior national ranking and played in prestigious events such as Junior Davis Cup. Scott went on to play Division I college tennis at the University of Maryland, is a 3-time Tennis Congress Coach Alumni and has taught at facilities all over the east coast in roles from staff professional to director. He has over 15 years of experience working with all ages and skill levels, led dozens of juniors to college scholarships and several USTA teams to regional and national championships. Scott has differentiated himself in the teaching space by focusing on strategy and how it varies at different skill levels.
Nate Bolling
Nathan is a USPTA Elite Certified Tennis Professional from Virginia Beach, VA and currently leads the High Performance Academy at the prestigious Princess Anne Country Club. Nathan was ranked as high as #4 in the Mid-Atlantic and achieved a top 100 national ranking as a junior. Nathan went on to compete collegiately at both Virginia Wesleyan and James Madison University.  Shortly thereafter Nathan devoted himself to the development of competitive juniors and adults, leading many to college scholarships and national championships. Nathan’s methods of teaching and developmental strategies for fundamentals, tactics and the mental game has made him a leader in the tennis industry.
What Past Students Had To Say...
“A lot of fun, very interactive and the coaches were totally engaging. The info they gave us was easy to absorb and we can’t wait to put it into our matchplay.”

Jen M. -San Mateo, CA
“The level of instruction is amazing. These coaches are some of the best I’ve ever encountered and I’ve been playing for 20 years and been to some of the best clinics in the world.”

Jan B. -Bethesda, MD
“The course was different because the things Scott and Nate teach are easier to retain and implement. I can actually make improvements right away.”

Stacey S. -Atlanta, GA
“The course was absolutely fantastic, I couldn't believe how easy it was to fix the mistakes I was making.”

John M. -Laguna Niguel, CA


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